Blasting Agents 

ANFO - bulk industrial explosive


ANFO is a nominal 94:6 weight percentage blend of low density ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel oil. It is a dry free running product, coloured for identification. ANFO has a wide variety of applications in dry hole blasting conditions. It is one of the most cost effective blasting agents available for use in large hole (375mm +) diameter mining, through to small hole (from 25mm) diameter quarrying.

Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate

Low Density Ammonium Nitrate (LDAN) in porous prilled form. The prills are uniform in size and readily absorb fuel oil, ensuring effective mixing with other blasting agent ingredients. An anti-caking agent is used to coat each prill to maintain free flowing characteristics and avoid agglomeration.

Blended Blasting Agents

Packed Emulsion

Packed Emulsion

Cartridge emulsion explosive, sensitive to a No.8 detonator, designed for broad use in blasting (except underground coal mines). Sizes range from 25mm to 90mm in diameter. Available in 18kg and 25kg cases.

PrimeX 3000 Heavy ANFO blends


PrimeX 3000 Heavy ANFO blends are bulk explosives, designed to be augered from a bulk delivery truck. The PrimeX 3000 emulsion has been developed for dry de-watered blasting conditions in small to medium diameter open cut mining. PrimeX 3000 emulsion can be used in Heavy ANFO Blends with up to 50% emulsion by weight for use in dewatered holes.

PrimeX 3000 gassed emulsion blends


PrimeX 3000 gassed emulsion blends are water resistant bulk explosives, designed to be pumped from a bulk delivery truck through a loading hose to the bottom of the blast hole. The PrimeX 3000 emulsion has been developed for wet hole blasting conditions in small to medium diameter open cut mining. PrimeX 3000 can be used as a 100% emulsion product, or blended with up to 40% ANFO by weight for use in wet holes.


HDP Boosters


The HDP Boosters are high explosive pentolite charges. HDP Boosters are efficient initiators for blasting agents that are manufactured and specially recommended for large and medium size diameter perforations.


Lead Line

Lead Line

Lead Line is a shock tube spooled for easy application and deployment. Lead Line shock tube is a small diameter, three layer plastic tube, coated on the innermost wall with a reactive explosive compound. When initiated, the shock tube propagates a low energy signal, similar to a dust explosion, at approximately 2000m/sec (6,500 ft/sec) along the tube’s length with minimal disturbance to the outside of the tube. The signal is transmitted from one shock tube to another through field-assembled splices. Lead line provides maximum flexibility to the blaster in choosing a position of safety from which to initiate nonelectric blast rounds in either underground or surface applications. Lead line is the only non-electric product that can be cut and spliced into a Non-electric detonator product to construct a custom length nonelectric starter assembly.

Electric Detonators

Electric Detonators

Electric Detonators are a high strength, millisecond delay electric detonator featuring 26 delay periods. The detonator design uses super fuse technology, providing precision and accuracy in all delay periods with no overlap. The Electric detonators leg wires are insulated with a superior polyolefin material, which offers excellent resistance to cuts, abrasions, oil, low temperature and high humidity. The shunt protects the factory stripped wire ends from corrosion and shields them from stray current.

Downhole Detonators

Downhole Detonators

Non-electric downhole detonators are a non–electric blast ignition system that can be used wherever millisecond delay detonators are required. This can be on the surface, underground or under water. A suitable application is ring blasting underground. Designed to provide in hole delay time for underground (non coal) and surface and blast applications in the mining, quarry and construction industries, the NONEL can be used in combination with a detonating cord trunk line.

Surface Connector (snap line) Detonators


NONEL UNIDET is a non–electric initiation system developed to give the greatest possible simplicity in both usage and storage. The system is based on a combination of in hole detonators and surface connector units. Surface detonators are designed for use with Non-electric downhole dets to provide effective and accurate surface timing between blast holes and/or rows of blast holes in surface underground blasting designs.

Detonating Cord


Detonating Cord for non electric blasting, high velocity of detonation

Is a non-electric blasting accessory featured for a high velocity of detonation, flexibility, easy to use and extremely safe. Detonating Cord has a core of a high explosive (PETN) covered with various layers of cotton yarn and synthetic fibres. Standard Detonating Cord has an outer plastic coating meanwhile reinforced Detonating Cord has an additional protection, over the plastic coating, consisting in several threads of cotton yarn and non-coloured wax coating which becomes increased abrasion, tensile strength and water resistance.

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