Explosives Manufacture

Prime Explosives expanded into the South Island in 2010. Prime Explosives manufacture an extensive range of explosive products and can offer accessories at competitive prices from our manufacturing operation. We currently have three full time employees, large warehouse facilities and explosive magazines in the South Island. We anticipate expanding these operations. Our large storage facilities throughout NZ enable us to supply customers in a timely manner.

We have a 6 x 6 MMU for emulsion and a 5 tonne delivery truck to service our South Island customers. The South Island MMU is capable of manufacturing a 50/50 blend of waterproof heavy ANFO. This provides many benefits, including a higher density compared to most emulsion products. The heavy ANFO allows holes to be loaded up to 80 metres. Loading more product per lineal metre allows for drill patterns to be increased. This offers significant cost savings to the customer.

NZ’s Number One Independent Supplier of Explosive Products